Use The (Mega) Hard-Drive

Hello Everybody,

We want to hear your work at the Megapolis Festival!

Throughout the process of organizing this event, it has come to our attention that you–all of you–make really great work. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, your audio has consistently blown our minds.

We thought it would be nice to celebrate your accomplishments during the festival, so we made The Hard-Drive.

This audio aggregator allows you to share your achievements with your peers.

You can submit anything you want… old class assignments, works-in-progress, hilarious archives, failed audio experiments, dead puppies, stories that became a bit too post-modernist… anything!

I, personally, like this stuff because--whether intentional or not-- it pushes the boundaries. It asks listeners to reconsider what is >"normal," and it marks an expansion of your own creative practice. Meow -One of the 70 cats residing in the MegaPalace

Everything that you submit to The Hard-Drive will be broadcast continuously during the festival using tiny transmitters. This way you can brag to all your bro-dawgs that your work has aired on the NYC dial.