you wanna wanna


We are happiest when we are announcing our new call for submissions. Be aware that we are happiest now. During the weekend of June 5th to 7th, 2015, the fourth MEGAPOLIS Audio Festival hits Oakland CA USA, as well as many stupendous and never horrendous ear sounds.

This year we have two categories of submissions:

1. Propose a session, tour, soundwalk, workshop, miscellaneous thing. 

Same as in past years. Get a ticket to the festival to see some other amazing events, impress your friends, have a better life, increase your life span on this planet.

2. Propose an installation.

We have three grants to give this year for $1000 each to install something at our festival. You’ll use a special submission form. Get seriously noticed. Plus all of the above.

Nextly, think about this year’s theme: the frontier.

That’s right. The theoretical frontier, expansion of boundaries, extreme limitsFrontier Thesis,egalitarianism, the taming of the frontier from exploration through urban development, even the lack of interest in high culture and all that. Take that where you will.

Also nextly, consider west and downtown Oakland and the spaces in which to make stuffs happen, incl. parks, streets, stores, rooftops, riverbanks, or anywhere else you can maybe mostly legally get yourself and a group of MEGAPOLIS attendees to (we happen to like these sorts of ideas).

In summation, proposals are due February 15, 2015. Plz pass along to all your good friends, particularly those in the Bay Area.