We’re looking for sound art events and works of all kinds – workshops, tours, installations, digital works, and miscellany – to fill our festival in Philadelphia, September 16-17, 2017. Circuit bending / noisemaker constructions, slumber parties, free-form audio editing sessions, interactive demonstrations, experimental musical practice and theory, film with a heavy audio component, subversive audio tours, (un-boring) lectures, and whatever else your brain births (except for musical performances, unless as a logical component of one of the previous concepts). Your stuffs will a part of the annual Fringe Arts festival via our partnership with Fringe Arts, as our festival will be smack dab in the middle of theirs!

This year’s THEME is …

REFLECTION. Reflection can take many literal and figurative forms. How are we reflecting on what we are individually or collectively seeing, hearing, and experiencing? How can we process our surroundings and reflect them back in unique, positive, and/or impactful ways? How are we mirroring our community or the world and its ideals? How can technology be utilized to reflect content, ideas, emotions? Riff on the theme however you see fit.

Secondly, consider that we host most festival events within the cozy confines of a building, BUT do pitch events that can be held out of doors incl. parks, streets, stores, rooftops, riverbanks, or anywhere else you can maybe mostly legally get yourself and a group of MEGAPOLIS attendees to (we happen to like these sorts of ideas).

Additional special consideration will be given to:

  • NEW ARTISTS! We like new blood. If you presented at a previous festival you might not get to present this year, but that certainly isn’t a disqualifier.
  • Events that invite participation and active creation among attendees, with created works to be shared on this website and maybe even at the end of the festival weekend.

Proposal types:

  1. Session: 90- or 45-minute-long presentations, workshops, and the like by one or more presenters. We provide the venue. Megapolis usually features 90-minute blocks on Saturday and Sunday during which time multiple sessions may be happening at once. Presenters may (but probably will not) be asked to repeat their session over the course of the two days.
  2. Tour or Soundwalk: One or more presenters leading 15 or fewer attendees outside of festival venues. You choose the length of time on Saturday or Sunday. Usually these meet in front of the festival headquarters.
  3. Installation: Self-sustaining and sound-based (obviously) pieces that stay put. Electricity or not is fine. For presentation inside festival headquarters and associated spaces. We encourage a period of ‘activation’ or interactive audience participation with your installation during the festival.
  4. Digital work: Sound-heavy digital works (short films, audio pieces, apps, interactive websites, etc. – but no songs / music) that will be showcased during the festival at a special event for such things. Note: works by non-white dudes strongly preferred.
  5. Miscellaneous (our favorite): Booths inside and outside festival venues, temporary radio stations, 1-800 numbers, crowd experiments, overnight or lunchtime gatherings, big wheel races captured through contact microphones and broadcast through giant speakers – essentially anything else mind-blowing you can think of outside of the above categories.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Check out our festival archives to make sure you don’t ape a previously selected, previously amazingly original concept.
  • If you have questions before or after you fill out this form, ask message us through our CONTACT form.
  • While not required, it helps (us) to submit well before the deadline.
  • Reimbursements MAY be available to those artists providing materials to attendees during a Session or Installation; other artists should plan to account for the lions share of materials. If you need standard audio gear (speakers, mixers) to make your idea happen, we may be able to help — but the more self-sustainable you are, the better chance it works for us.
  • If you are with an arts organization in the Philly area and you would like to curate an event using your artists, you can apply as an individual within an organization and just note what you want to do in the proposal. But note that your event will probably occur at one of our spaces (or start there if it’s a tour) so we don’t split up our audiences, since Philadelphia is a relatively big place.

If your proposal is accepted, you get:

  • Free entrance to all festival events
  • Partial reimbursement for travel expenses from outside of Philly (limited – typically only up to $50, depending on how our budget turns out)
  • An invite to a supaexclusive event just for presenters and Famous People

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS 11:59PM, WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017. You’ll receive a response from us by the end of June.

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