Radio is a Powerful Weapon

Unlike all those phallic destructive weapons, radio’s strength lies in its benign presence–its lack of corporeal force.

Secret Wars, an exhibition at Proteus Gowanus dissects the clandestine methods of modern warfare. It features work by Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse of smudge studio and neighbors Kevin Allen’s phonoscopic, Gowanus:Over/Under-Water.

David Goren encourages us to tune into strange dial chatter in his installation, “Atencion! Seis Siete Tres Siete Cero”: The Mystery of the Shortwave Numbers Stations. We hear an automated voice repeat a stream of digits, an indecipherable communiqué from some Lost corner of the globe. The precise meaning of these broadcasts remains unknown, but  enthusiasts suspect that they are (or were) artifacts from an invisible military campaign or political espionage.

The exhibition ends on April 7th.

**If you visit this Thursday night (Feb. 7), you can also catch an “intimate” performance by secret co-warriors, Blake Schwarzenbach and Kevin Mahon, who will consider “Death as Muse” in The Morbid Anatomy Library and Museum.**


Goren re-purposes his (and conet’srecordings for the gallery with the help of a behemoth vintage radio set.