Free Music Archive Remix Challenge – Andrea Silenzi

  • A wifi-enabled laptop.

Handheld Recorder Ensemble – Byron Westbrook

  • An audio recorder of some type (minimum internal microphone; better if you have an external microphone to go with it; best if you have a shotgun microphone to go with it)
  • Headphones.

Jazz Drum Machine – Ben Lacker

  • wifi-enabled laptop (Sunday’s workshop only).

Sounds Real: Telling Stories with Sounds – Kaitlin Prest + Brendan Baker

  • Please bring your own laptops and digital recorders (and sound libraries if you have ’em) in order to build some scenes of your own as part of our workshop activity!  We’ll also share an example scene produced in Reaper, so go ahead and download the program ahead of time if you don’t already have it.

Urban Menagerie (or, A Zoo Without Walls) – Robin Amer

  • Headphones.
  • A wifi-enabled laptop outfitted with non-linear digital audio editing software of your choice (Pro-Tools, Vegas, Reaper, other).
  • (If needed) Any portable external hardware they need to power their audio program, like an M-Box for older versions of Pro-Tools.
  • (Optional) A thumb drive they can use to turn in their soundscape at the end of the workshop.