Use The (Mega) Hard-Drive

Hello Everybody,

We want to hear your work at the Megapolis Festival! http://megapolisfestival.org/blargh/

Throughout the process of organizing this event, it has come to our attention that you–all of you–make really great work. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, your audio has consistently blown our minds.

We thought it would be nice to celebrate your accomplishments during the festival, so we made The Hard-Drive.

This audio aggregator allows you to share your achievements with your peers.

You can submit anything you want… old class assignments, works-in-progress, hilarious archives, failed audio experiments, dead puppies, stories that became a bit too post-modernist… anything!

I, personally, like this stuff because--whether intentional or not-- it pushes the boundaries. It asks listeners to reconsider what is >"normal," and it marks an expansion of your own creative practice. Meow -One of the 70 cats residing in the MegaPalace

Everything that you submit to The Hard-Drive will be broadcast continuously during the festival using tiny transmitters. This way you can brag to all your bro-dawgs that your work has aired on the NYC dial.

Pre-Festival Event-Age (THIS WEEKEND)

We have a three hot announcements for this weekend, one that you know of that MEGAPOLIS is producing in Brooklyn and a couple others by some friends of ours in the East Village. Makes for a nice, light pre-weekend weekend, eh? (OF COURSE there are a million things to do in NYC, but we don’t have room on our website for one million things.)

This Saturday 4/13 at 3pm
Our friends MORUS (155 Avenue C, Manhattan) are putting on this great local history excursion:

Alphabet City Squats and Gardens Tour

The Lower East Side has the highest concentration of community gardens and squats of any neighborhood in the country. Come explore these cutting-edge, sustainable buildings and spaces on this one-of-a-kind, full-access walking tour.

Then again Saturday 4/13 at 7:30pm
As is noted on our schedule, MEGAPOLIS and Union Docs are co-producing a fantastic show at the UD space (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn):

Anna Friz + Eric Leonardson
$9 suggested donation

An intimate atmosphere of transmission, where audience and performers share the acoustic space inside a multi-channel array of suspended radio receivers and micro-watt transmitters. Restless voices, sounds of breath, and other bodily exclamations seep up through the welter of signals creating a milieu of harmonic interference and uneasy night-time respirations. Anna and Eric perform within this world: Eric plays a self-made instrument that he calls the “Springboard”, an electroacoustic percussion instrument which produces rich enharmonic timbres from coil springs, plastic combs, pocket radio, and wooden daxophones; Anna plays electronics, free reeds, and small acoustic instruments.

Then again Sunday 4/14 at 3pm
Our friends MORUS are doing this:

Radical Alphabet City Tour
Come visit legendary historic sites where the community faced off with gentrification and corporate power. Peek inside vibrant community gardens and legendary tenement buildings, Tompkins Square Park, the first community-based recycling center and the symbol of gentrification, The Christodora House.

Guess who’s coming to MEGADinner? It’s Andrea Seabrook!

Photo by Mike MonteiroSometimes even professional professionals gotta break out of the mold and go DIY all over the place. Andrea Seabrook‘s values as a journalist and commitment to telling the whole story led her to leave NPR last year and start a new show: DecodeDC. It is her attempt to stop re-playing soundbites of political attacks and start talking about what’s wrong with Washington. She Kickstarted her show into a popular podcast and now goes it solo, her own way.

Catch Andrea sometime Saturday the 20th or Sunday the 21st at the New School. When exactly? SUSPENSE!

Guess who’s coming to MEGADinner? MOUNTAINS!

mountains guysSuper-excited to welcome the duo group Mountains to MF’13!

They’re formerly from Chicago (Art Institute of Chicago), have been on the awes Thrill Jockey label from the start, now live in NYC. They make long-form, textural ambient musics of the instrumental variety, using processed and unprocessed analog instruments and no beats. Think Fennesz and Eno and long walks in a park teeming with digital butterflies.

Need more facts? How about that everybody loves them, and their latest album Centralia has received consistently high reviews from the big boy reviewers, and the Wire called them something something “infinite sheets of grainy sound” and we like those kinda sheets.

LISTEN for more clues!