Giveus (plz) yr vids/ photos/ sounds!

(Photo credit: Sarah Craig) We are in the midst of compiling and posting documentation from MegaFest 2015 in Oakland+SF! We gots photos and audiovids galore. IF YOU have fotes / vidz / sounds you would like to share with us, and would allow us to share them through our websites (attributed to your osm self, natch), plz email us at contact@megapolisfestival.org. THANKS YOUS!

LIMITED MEGA-OFFER! Individual tickets, fest passes with Live bonus

DuNK A-LUNk! Pilfer individual tickets to a lot of stuffsBuy a full festival pass and maybe score Keith McMillen gadgets OR licenses of Ableton Live intro!

How about that Doseone? He’s got a hot music video and makes hot sets at the Boiler Room. Backed by sinewy rhythms and visceral groove experiences from multiple cats subjected to electrified chaircuts? Um, YES tickets.

Oh, not enough spice for you. FINE. Here’s your Matmosall over the You Tubes with Little Green Triangles, with Kevin Blechdom too, known to do some craze a capella actions

And Roman? Ze best. He who will give an ugly flag the business will now be followed by explosions.

The soup is ON.

perpetual machines

Make yer noisemakers/theremins/hacky things at 2015 MegaFEST!

This lil’ MEGAPOLIS Audio Festival has always been a friendly home to builders of microphones, twisters of circuits, generators of noise, creators of instruments from discarded electronics, etc. and etc. MegaFest 2015 attendees will hack things to the next level – creating Perpetual Sound Machines, building Light-Theremins, turning Gaming Platforms into Music Sequencers, and setting sail on Electromagnetic Voyages.

Tix OUT NOW. (And we mean now).

Go-ing BIGG West! Megapolis+Oakland+SF = June 2015

What you say? Oakland no more. NO! We mean YES! Oakland PLUS MO MO MO! Starting on the west side, ending on the east side, always on the WUT WUT side.

Artists in, venues locking, tickets nearly ticketing. MAKE YR PREPS for ALL the gOOd times ! !!! !! !


BRR-ING! Here come the first evah MEGAPOLIS-funded stuffs: (Z Best) INSTALLATIONS.

YELLO! We are super pleased as punch to pull out all the punches and offer these three grants to artists who will install works at our festival this June. This grant-making exercise was a first for MEGAPOLIS and def will not be the last. We hope you (lotsoppl) come to experience these works in action because it is your destiny (that our festival is your destination).

Thee arteests:

Shanna Sordahl is an Oakland-based sound artist, composer, and performer who is an alum of the Electronic Music and Recording Media MFA program at Mills College. She will be creating an interactive environment of light and sound based on the festival concept of the frontier.

Pat Mesiti­-Miller is a producer and sound designer for NPR’s Snap Judgment. He will build an installation around an audio story of one man’s mental and spiritual journey in and out of the California prison system.

Julie Herndon is a Bay Area composer and performer working with internal/external space, improvisation, text, graphics, and electronics, and Dan Gottwald is a sculptor, instrument builder, and composer. Together they will install a musical intervention that will draw pedestrians into an unused public space in Oakland.

HOOraY for them and for us all!