Kicking those Future Thoughts @ MOOGFEST 2016

Join us as part of a diverse lineup of thinkers, do-ers, makers etc. who will be taking over the daytime during Moogfest, 19-22 May in Durham, North Carolina. GET THEM FEST PASSES MEOW!

Here’s what’s on the docket during Moogfest days of Future Thoughts, via the Offices of Mr. Megapolis:

Friday May 20: Radical Radio
Exploring radio as technology, concept, and practice; reflecting on its history for facilitating democratic expression; and looking to radio’s future as an evolving sound medium for artists, documentarians, musicians, educators, and performers. Within an event space transformed as a multi-channel low-watt radio installation – with a sonic basis of manipulations of the atomic clock – four distinct artists will provide commentary on how the traditions of radio inform the modern application of sound: radio artist and composer Anna Friz on the historical theory and practice of the art of radio transmission; transmission artist Jeff Kolar on using current considerations for radio as an apparatus for sonification of the electromagnetic spectrum; screenwriter and radio producer Sharon Mashihi on the performance of audio narrative; and audio artist Kaitlin Prest on theoretical possibilities for podcasting as an art form. These analyses will be supported through performances by these artists in pairs, exhibiting the cross-disciplinary aspects of radio practice: Friz and Kolar will perform radio as instrument, giving subtle treatment to the airwaves and unstable circuits from which highly detailed landscapes emerge; and Prest and Mashihi will perform radio as theatre to launch an investigation into sound, object, and the ways that human beings torment themselves. (Event pre-empted by a soundwalk led by Friz.)

Saturday May 21: Borderless Radio
Led by Shani Aviram and Justin Grotelueschen of MEGAPOLIS, this participatory discussion for novice-to-seasoned event producers, curators, and artists will broach the idea of radio not just as a participatory medium, but as a platform for multidisciplinary events that transcend typical boundaries yet accentuate a unique space and location. The moderators will present tangible examples from previous festivals, broadcasts, gatherings, and other unique events that enhanced site-specific elements and promoted psychogeographic practices in order to push audiences to experience beyond time and place. Audience members are encouraged to bring examples from existing events as well as new concepts for pushing audiences to listen and to create within multidisciplinary environments. Preceding the discussion the moderators will unapologetically subject audience members to an experimental interactive exercise using even more experimental audio/radio technologies and concepts.


Megapolis @Moogfest 2016


Hope you all are having a terrific wednesday. We certainly are because we can finally deliver this  mindbendy news to you!

MEGAPOLIS Audio Festival will be hosting an event at Moogfest 2016. WUT DID YOU SAY? MEGAPOLIS! Moogfest! playing together!

MEGAPOLIS will be bringing it’s heavy hittin’ radio artz makers and breakers: Anna Friz, Jeff Kolar, Kaitlin Prest and Sharon Mashihi to our Radical Radio program – exploring radio as technology, concept, and practice.

See if you can catch theeeeee REGGIE WATTS say their names as he announces this years lineup of Moogfest artists.

We’re gonna see you all there, YESSSS?????!!!???


Twennysixteenz {mini}MEGA-happening

We know that theres a MEGAPOLIS shaped hole in your heart, but FEAR NOT! Good news is coming straight into yer face:

Much like those dudes infiltrated that studio, Megapolis will be infiltrating an event next spring with some of our favorite (MEGA)artists. Meanwhile, we are plotting our next biggy fest in a city tbd (that may or may not be near you. YES, you! my dear dear friend!!).

Keep your eyes glued to this space for the official announcement and all the deets comin sososoon……..


Giveus (plz) yr vids/ photos/ sounds!

(Photo credit: Sarah Craig) We are in the midst of compiling and posting documentation from MegaFest 2015 in Oakland+SF! We gots photos and audiovids galore. IF YOU have fotes / vidz / sounds you would like to share with us, and would allow us to share them through our websites (attributed to your osm self, natch), plz email us at contact@megapolisfestival.org. THANKS YOUS!