Go-ing West! MEGAPOLIS + OAKLAND = June 2015

Well HELLO THERE. Nice to see you again.

So we are slinking into the fall, and as we entertain thoughts about the summer that has surreptitiously galloped on by us like so many aimless ponies, we turn our focus to a time far, so far but not that far from now: THE FUTURE, or more specifically, THE FUTURE of SUMMERS. In 2015. Next year.

Now, today, we have come to say that we have a stake in this future. Hear us now and talk to us later: MEGAPOLIS GOes WEST, YOUNG WO/MEN!

During the first weekend of June, the 5th to the 7th, in 2015, the fourth MEGAPOLIS Audio Festival will land in cheery Oakland, CA, to unleash heretofore inconceivable bleeps, blips, screeches and skronk-age.

THAT IS RIGHT. More hijinks, fewer lojinks, more more BETTER MORE. Will you believe, if you are or want to be a believer in us, who’s already on tap for this fest?

Matmos (YES THEM)
Kevin Blechdom
Roman Mars / 99% Invisible
Gamelan X 
The Song Exploder podcast
… and undoubtedly many so many more!

We’ll have performances, tours, collaborative makey-maker events, workshoppy things, all of it – taking advantage of the best dressed of the west coast artists who come to play all days.

In the coming months, as is our tradition, we’ll open our regular call to all artists to come join us for tons of funs during our 2015 fest weekend.

BUT ALSO, prep yourself sooner than that for an announcement or two from us here about NEW opportunities to get paid to make audio hay for MF’15.

Hay HAY!
– Your friendly friends from