Guess Who’s Coming to MEGADinner? Anna Friz and Eric Leonardson

HOLY. YES. We are readying to announce a string of fantastical sound explorers, audio visionaries, and purveyors of all things good for your earz who will be popping by MEGAPOLIS NYC during the weekend of April 19-21, 2013.

But first we must pimp this pre-festival teaser the weekend beforehand with our good friends Anna and Eric. Eric Leonardson = instrument builder, educator, president of the World Listening Project, more. Anna Friz = radio and transmission artist, a PhD in sound amazingness from York U. in Toronto, much more. Ppl whom we are lucky to feature and whom you want to know. They are swinging through NYC to initiate a nice discussion with students at the New School on Friday April 12th, and to naughtily install some radios and give us a wet and wild performance on the evening of Saturday April 13th.

Ticket and related information is forthcoming. EXCITEMENT IS HERE AND NOW! Listen to this piece featuring the both of them:

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