We have a rough sketch for grants we could offer for $3k, but it’s malleable. Our original idea was three $1k grants for three products within parameters of festival ideals (sound+art+interaction+cross-discipline shizz):

+ 1 online interactive piece/sub-site

+ 1 physical/installation activated during the festival

+ 1 mobile app

The question we’re having is conceptually how to differentiate this call from what we’re asking for in our RFP. Why give money to someone and not to someone else for an untested idea? One differentiation we came up with was to use the grant money to curate something festival-wide, not just specific to the Oakland festival like the RFP is asking for. Another differentiation is to create something we know is going to be labor-intensive, like developing a mobile app specifically for us. But then we have to worry about licensing, and what differentiates that from work-for-hire?