UpRightDown – Laura Silver

UpRightDown is a collaborative, multimedia storytelling site. Laura Silver supplied the plot (or invite others to do so) and invited participants, or performers, to interpret the plot their medium of choice.

The plot:
Dan points his gun at Louis. Then he turns the gun on himself, crying that Zelda’s gift, which Louis just broke, was dearer to him than life itself.

Louis snatches the gun, accidentally pulling the trigger. The bullet shatters a potted plant on a windowsill across the street, and a white powder scatters into the air. A man appears in that window: Bob. Dan grabs Louis and they duck. Bob, Dan explains, is Zelda’s drug dealer; if she’s dead, Bob may be behind it. Dan’s cell phone rings; it is Bob. Dan takes the call and listens, alarmed. He hangs up, grabs Louis, and they scramble down the fire escape.

They run for it, Bob pursuing. Eventually they lose him and end up in the Hassidic section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They seek refuge with Dan’s sister Hannah–but who is waiting for them there, with his goons? Bob.

Excerpt (by Ken Cormier):

Laura Silver is a professional writer and editor living in New York City.