The Encephalophone: Music Directly from Your Brain – Thomas Deuel

The Encephalophone is a musical instrument that is controlled by active, conscious thought control. EEG brain waves representing mental imagery of the performer are translated into consciously controlled live music. This session began with a presentation describing sonification and music production from brain signals, followed by a 20 minute live musical performance generated directly from brain waves by Dr. Gyrus and the Electric Sulci (Deuel on waves, Dan Thornton on drums, Mike Katell on bass, Jacob Sundstrom on guitar).

Thomas Deuel is a practicing neurologist, sound artist, and neuroscientist from Seattle WA. As a neurologist with expertise in Electroencephalogram (EEG), a practicing sound artist exhibiting works of interactive audio installation art, a PhD in Neuroscience researching music and sound processing in the brain, as well as a professor in Digital Arts and Experimental Media, he attempts to bring these multiple personalities together to create hybrid neuroscience/music devices.

Video Credit: Thomas Deuel