Tel Choir

Tel-choir – Meg Cramer & Carl Adair

Stop by the camper in the FringeArts HQ beer garden at the scheduled time to meet the artists and to call in, or call the number on your own time.

A group singing experience that anyone can participate in, one phone call a time. Each time you call, you will be prompted to sing one note. (We will help you stay in tune.) At the end of the event, everyone’s contributions will be collected into one song — much like a bell choir, where each musician holds a tuned bell and chimes in one note at a time.

Meg Cramer (NYC) is an audio producer for BuzzFeed Audio working in participatory and crowd-sourced storytelling through projects like the Public Insight Network and Sandy Storyline and podcasts like See Something Say Something, The Tell Show, and Another Round. Carl Adair (NYC) is a choral singer and composer who plays with music theory and with language to create musical structures that reveal themselves through the completion of the piece.