strange radio

Strange Radio – Karen Werner

Strange Radio is a series of live assemblage radio broadcasts on Radio Orange 94.0 FM Vienna, Austria. Part radio documentary, part Holocaust memorial, part performance ethnography, Strange Radio is an ongoing collection of experimental radio episodes exploring themes related to Jewish Viennese exile, displacement, loss, and the intergenerational legacy of the Holocaust. Episodes are not traditional narrative arcs so much as sonic assemblages or collages with recurring themes and threads, weaving together field recordings, narration, occasional interviews, a therapy session, archival clips, live phone calls, and the background participation of two choirs.

Karen Werner (Montague MA) is a radio producer & sociologist who has been an artist-in-residence in Vienna at studio das weisse haus (Fall 2016) and at the Museum Quartier/Tonspur (Fall 2017) where she produced episodes of Strange Radio.