Sounds Real: Telling Stories with Sounds

Sounds Real: Telling Stories with Sounds – Kaitlin Prest + Brendan Baker

Strategies on using sound and music to make radio that feels real (real GOOD!). Using and recording real situations/scene tape, how and when to recreate “real situations”, how to build scenes, and how to use music to bring it home. Lots of fun listening examples from Audio Smut (Kaitlin Prest) and Love + Radio (Brendan Baker) lots of session screen shots and hands on production playtime.

Kaitlin Prest is the creative co-director of the show Audio Smut: a sonic adventure into love, sex and gender; Brendan Baker is a co-conspirator on the show Love + Radio: a public radio podcast featuring in-depth, otherworldly-produced interviews, from the seedy to the sublime. They’re both from Brooklyn.