immigrant sounds

Sonic Mapping of Chinatown: a soundwalk across cultural borders – Amanda Gutierrez

This workshop is open to participants, interested in the sonic territories of Chinatown in the city of Philadelphia. This soundwalk will highlight the collective memory and the symbolic significance of the urban soundscape of the immigrant enclaves. The context of the workshop will open a conversation about the significance practice of walking, minding the concept of the acoustic ecology. The workshop will take into consideration the significance of the cultural codes embedded in the soundscape, its oral history as well as the richness of its acoustic territories. The participants will be prompted to draw a subjective map, taking in consideration their acoustic experience walking in the space. These maps and personal narratives will be created and shared at the end of the soundwalk, taking in consideration important sound landmarks in their itinerary.

Amanda Gutierrez (Mexico City) has worked in the field of performance and sound art for over 12 years, fusing the two disciplines in installation projects. She has been exhibited internationally in museums and contemporary art galleries such as The Windor Gallery in Madrid, Spain, Khiasma Gallery in Paris, France, Move Forward Festival in Halle, Germany, Liverpool Art Biennale 2012 in the UK, Ex Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico City, Mexico, and Action Art Actuelle in Montreal, Canada.