Photo Credit: T. Foley

Silosphere – Rebecca Bray & James Bigbee Garver

A Silosphere is a personal audio and visual experience. The user places a large globe over his or her head, blocking their vision. A small video camera is mounted on top of the globe. The inside of the globe is black; in front of the user’s eyes is a small screen which displays the view from the camera. The only way for the user to see in front of him/her is through the small screen. Speakers inside the globe transmit a personal spectrum of ambient textures, beats, and melodies to the user. With the Silosphere on one’s head, the user arrives in front of a large mirror and experiences – via the small interior screen – video images reflected onto the sphere, pulsing in harmony with the interior soundscape. The Silosphere explores ideas around the science of mediated experience, radiation, sonic projection, and electromagnetism.

Composition contained in the piece (by James Bigbee Garver):

Recording: Maria Papadomanolaki for free109point9

Video Credit: James Bigbee