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Radio’s Art – Joan Schuman

Ten polyphonous essays were curated this summer at Earlid, an online sound-art space. These mini-provocations offer a bit of static surrounding who is best-suited to consider the resonances among dispersed vibrations of radio, narrative artistry, and medium. This virtual panel launched without pin-pointing who might join the conversation. Session participants are invited to ‘sit’ on both the panelists’ side and lurk in the online space ripe for listening. We contemplate ethical dimensions of artistic practice; listener-critics and branding; advocacy for fellow artists; and the subsuming of podcasting devoid of legacies and context. Will it be a post-mortem or birth?

Joan Schuman (Watsonville, CA) once made documentaries (1980s) and now create hybrid narratives that air in festivals, cyber worlds, and on the radio. She teaches sound production/theory (the New School’s online MA courses) and curates sound art online at Earlid.