Radio Atlas

Radio Atlas

Radio Atlas presents a screening of some of the best foreign language radio works in the world, subtitled in English. Among other sonic surprises, this event at Megapolis will premiere a Belgian radio story about a residential home for the senile where music is an important form of occupational therapy; patients who can’t remember their children can remember songs of their youth in perfect detail, a frivolous way of conjuring a merciless deterioration.

Radio Atlas features inventive audio documentaries, dramas, and works of sound art that have been made in multiple languages. The project has received a Special Commendation at the Prix Europa in 2016; been featured at film and audio festivals around the world; and been written about in The Observer, The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, and Poynter. Radio Atlas is facilitated by Eleanor McDowall, a senior producer at Falling Tree Productions in the UK.

“Opening a door into another world…” – Pete Naughton, Daily Telegraph
“Beautifully designed” – Fiona Sturges, The Financial Times

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