Playing the Victim – Phoenix Lio(n)

Playing the Victim, a mask that plays audio narratives about rape culture & queerness is joining a larger realm of audio/visual artifacts known as Bodyhood. Using augmented reality & physical computing, Phoenix Lio(n) builds sculptures & physical images which connect to their digital & remembered self. These objects can be used to trigger audio & show visuals that reflect their experiences. As an installation, the objects can be touched & held to trigger audio or visuals to begin playing from speakers & monitors. As a live demo performance, Phoenix invites audience to watch as they manipulate their memories themselves.

Phoenix Lio(n) (NYC) engages technology and artistic practice to disrupt the ways in which the physical world is invoked to justify oppression and marginalization. They rebuild their mind, their memories, and the world around them by layering media and mediums. By engaging their experiences and identity as tools for art they rework the heaviest, hardest parts of themself like pigments dragged across canvas. Find more of their work @TinyLionRoars on Soundcloud, Vimeo, Instagram, Tumblr, & Patreon.