electric chaircut

Nelson’s Electric Chaircut – Nelson Loskamp

The original amplified haircut performance! It is an interactive, electro-sonic, haircut performance volunteers were taped to the chair, their eyes and mouth are also taped to symbolize the fetishism of appearance. The hair was then cut by Nelson, the original master of electro-sonic hair design. The various implements are amplified, scissors and clippers wired to effects pedals, slung round his waist, and blasted through an amplifier strapped to his back. The whacking haircutting sounds reverberates in a trance like cacophony of seemingly random patterns, as the true stylistic nature of the volunteer is released.

Originally conceived in San Francisco, Nelson Loskamp has been performing Electric Chaircut, amplified haircuts, worldwide since 1989. CNN calls Electric Chaircut “A cut above”; NBC says “It’s a sidewalk sensation”; and the NY Times calls it “Cutting edge!”

Performance Excerpt:


Recording: Maria Papadomanolaki for free109point9 (download)

Video from MEGAPOLIS artist and Big Shedder Jennifer Deer