Photo Credit: T. Foley

Mutator – Lea Bertucci & Ed Bear

The MEGAPOLIS installation Mutator is a work generated by the process of transferring a musical performance across boundaries of medium, time, and space. Initiated by a series of compositions for expanded woodwinds and electromechanical percussion, the installation crystallizes onto two tape loops which are broadcast on separate site-specific commercial FM radio stations. The percussion (bass drum, snare drum, and cymbals) is played by simple solenoid-driven mechanisms which are controlled by firmware algorithms. The mic’d and mixed down percussion generate rhythms and effects while reacting to input sources (audio signals, sensors, and triggers). A sculptural multitude of radios installed in the space continuously echo the aural impression of the performance while the drums play on. The drum machine listens to all three FM stations, reacting to the tape loops and the sound of its own making; slowly and organically evolving with in the installation soundscape.

A recording of the installation with a brief introduction by Ed Bear:

Recording: Maria Papadomanolaki for free109point9