Multi-Sensory Map Making – Jocelyn Frank, Emily Cohen & Jay Gregory

Audio artist and producer Jocelyn Frank, ecological designer Emily Cohen, and GIS lead Jay Gregory team up to push the bounds of traditional map making by introducing the concept of multi-sensory maps. They lead participants to explore the limitations of traditional maps and then (through a series of mini-exercises/projects) expand the thinking of attendees about the potential for the maps of the future. The session shifts to a hands-on production project, as small groups work together to use creative tools to generate (meaning”compose”) a map of their own and present (perform) it.

Jocelyn Frank (Washington DC) is an award-winning audio journalistmedia consultant and audio artist with clients including CBS, Slate, Smithsonian, and The Guardian. Emily Cohen (Washington DC) is an ecological designer focused on addressing social and environmental challenges in the landscape. Jay Gregory (Washington DC) is a GIS jack-of-all-trades for a small software development company, where he spends his time tracking down data and creating maps for emergency planning and response.