radio ravioli

Makin’ Radio Ravioli – Olivia Bradley-Skill

We’ll talk about the nuts and bolts of cut-ups and collage in radio/sound art and discover how different sounds marinate together to tickle the ears and echo the extremes of our subconscious. By combining sound effects, cut-up speech, and music, nonsense will turn from goofy to maniacal, organic to robotic, and the other way around. Together we’ll explore how tactile sound can be, through clips and theorists alike. At the end, participants will build their own collages that create new meanings and flavors.

Olivia Bradley-Skill (NYC) likes digging up old sensations to find new meaning. Her radio work is a live collage, which warps, overlaps, and extends sound and language, so as to intensify the medium’s interactive and elusive qualities.