lucid spheres

Lucid Spheres – Jenn Grossmann

“Memory is not a matter of past, but recreates the past each time it is invoked” -Karen Barad. This six-channel modular sound sculpture re-embodies sonic memory through physical objects. Reminiscent of a snow globe that historically depicts a representation of an idealized life scene or a crystal ball that holds our future, the transparent spheres reveal the multisensory, emotive, at times subconscious side of lived experience through a diverse collection of “memory triggers” or “sound scenes” re-interpreted by the artist. The spheres themselves become extended perceptual amplifiers, vibrating a collective past in the present space.

Jenn Grossman (NYC) is a sound/experiential media artist and composer who reimagines unconventional spaces and objects as acoustic vessels and architecture and materials as sculptural molds for ephemeral interventions.