Home on the Frontier – Julie Herndon + Dan Gottwald

Home on the Frontier affixed music boxes to public structures tucked within functional and industrial spaces in downtown Oakland.  At the center, a post of music boxes drew pedestrians into an unused space. Scattering from that center, music boxes were affixed to light posts, street signs, and bike racks, using these fixtures as resonating objects.

Julie Herndon is a Bay Area composer and performer working with internal/external space, improvisation, text, graphics, and electronics. She is currently pursuing a M.A. in Music Composition at Mills College, where she teaches musicianship.

Dan Gottwald is a sculptor, instrument builder, and composer. His work often incorporates sight, sound and touch to explore points of contact in social settings. Recent work includes the CHIME SF project for the Market Street Prototyping Festival and the ongoing performance collective, The Analogous Ensemble.