Christopher DeLaurenti

Christopher presented Live at Occupy Wall Street, a live performance of binaural, camera, and stereo microphone recordings made at Occupy Wall Street from the shutdown at Zuccotti Park to May Day to Occupy Wall St’s one year anniversary. An oral history made in the moment, Live at Occupy Wall Street ranges from tender moments to the mundane to the inspiring People’s Microphone to the brutal tactics of law enforcement. One of a series of protest symphonies dating to 1999 beginning with N30: Live at the WTO Protest. See DeLaurenti’s site for details.

Christopher DeLaurenti is a composer, improvisor, phonographer, and writer. His electro-acoustic works are composed of field recordings and often deal with political issues, political protests in particular. His weekly column, The Score, appeared in the Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger from 2002 to 2010, and he has also appeared in 21st Century Music, The Seattle Times, Signal to Noise, Soundscape, Earshot Jazz, and Tablet.

Live at CultureHub, 20 Apr 2013