braidio @ megapolis

Photo Credit: Eliza Smith

Braidio – Veronica Simmonds

Braidio is a bizarre and intimate interview experience where Veronica Simmonds braids hair live on air. Birthed at a pirate radio station on the Bay of Fundy, Braidio is now a bi-weekly show on CKDU 88.1 fm in Halifax, NS. Pretty much anyone who wanted to get braidio-ed sat down at the mic, let their hair down, and let conversation roam around their head as do Veronica’s hands.

Listen to an EP created by Simmonds featuring recordings from this event.

Veronica Simmonds is a sound-oriented media hustler. Her work has aired on CBC, ABC and various podcasts. She also produces interactive documentaries, including most recently an ode to urban lake swimming called Body of Water. In Halifax, she hosts a show called Braidio on CKDU 88.1fm where she braids hair live on air.