borderless radio

Borderless Radio – Shani Aviram and Justin Grotelueschen

Presenting radio not just as a participatory medium, but as a platform for multidisciplinary events that transcend typical boundaries. Shani Aviram (Programming Director) and Justin Grotelueschen (Managing Director) presented tangible examples from previous festivals, broadcasts, gatherings, and other events that enhanced site-specific elements and promoted psychogeographic practices in order to push audiences to experience beyond time and place. Audience members also happily performed a version of John Cage’s Radio Music.

Shani Aviram is a composer, sound designer, and radio producer. She has worked with Reduced Listening productions and acclaimed podcasts Love+Radio and The Heart. Her work with The Heart, earned a Prix Italia Golden Award for New Radio Formats 2015. Shani holds a BA in music composition from Mills College where she studied with Chris Brown, Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, Maggi Payne, Pauline Oliveros and Matthew Goodheart.

Justin Grotelueschen has a long-standing interest in musique concrete, noise, improvisation, and looping. He began performing on the radio in 1997 and on stage since 2004 using field recordings, guitars, contact mics, virtual electronic instruments, and various found and homemade objects. Before MEGAPOLIS he worked or volunteered for public, community, and campus radio stations and related media organizations for 13 years.