Book Odds Remix

Book Odds REMIX – Roman Mars

REMIX Radio from PRX and the Third Coast International Audio Festival presented a REMIX/ShortDoc challenge. The band The Books have selected eight sample sounds from their library of musical bits for us to remix into a minute-long composition in 30 minutes. Unlike the general Third Coast challenge (in which producers are required to select only two sounds to work with) the MEGAPOLIS Book Odds REMIXers used all eight sounds (and any other sounds they wished) and pulled it all together in 30 minutes or less.

Workshop introduction by Roman Mars:

“Hey Dude” by Benjamen Walker and Kara Oehler:

A Book Odds Remix by Brendan Baker:

Zach The Undertaker by David Levin:

A Book Odds Remix by Dennis Conrow and Shawn Wen:

A Book Odds Remix by Hethre Contant:

Laughing Gulls by Amanda Thieroff and Andrew Weeks:

A Book Odds Remix by Pat McNamee King and Teague Lyons:

A Book Odds Remix by Tom Niemisto: