friz and leonardson

Anna Friz and Eric Leonardson

An intimate atmosphere of transmission, where audience and performers share the acoustic space inside a multi-channel array of suspended radio receivers and micro-watt transmitters. Restless voices, sounds of breath, and other bodily exclamations seep up through the welter of signals creating a milieu of harmonic interference and uneasy night-time respirations. Anna and Eric perform within this world: Eric plays a self-made instrument that he calls the “Springboard”, an electroacoustic percussion instrument which produces rich enharmonic timbres from coil springs, plastic combs, pocket radio, and wooden daxophones; Anna plays electronics, free reeds, and small acoustic instruments.

Anna Friz is a Canadian sound and radio artist who specializes in multi-channel transmission systems for installation and performance, where radio is the source, subject, and medium of the work.

Eric Leonardson is a Chicago-based audio artist and teacher. He is President of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.