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An Unsettling Audio Walk – George Lavender

Participants were invited to don a pair of headphones and embark on a journey through a local shopping mall to uncover the site’s multiple histories and meanings through sound. A clue to what lies beneath the concrete is in the street names, the mall is at the intersection of Shellmound Street and Ohlone Way. The location of a shellmound, a burial ground and sacred place of the Ohlone tribe, the site remains deeply contested. In the last hundred years the site has also been home to a pigment factory, a fairground including a racetrack and shooting range, and a dance hall.

Listen to the audio tour:

George Lavender is an award-winning independent radio and print journalist. His radio reporting has aired on NPR, WBUR, KQED, and Radio France International. He currently works as a producer of Making Contact, a nationally distributed half-hour radio show. Follow him on Twitter @GeorgeLavender.