thousand voices

Photo Credit: Andrea Silenzi

A Thousand Voices – Ioana Jucan, Quyen Ngo, & Ryan Lester

What would the world sound like if every time the question “How are you?” were asked, it was answered truthfully? ‘A Thousand Voices’ is a sound installation presented by Brown University’s Listening LabOratory radiophonic performance group. Inspired by artists who, in their desire and passion to create a “new world” during the revolutionary period in Russia (roughly 1918-1923), made buildings and public spaces speak to convey their messages to the public, the Listening LabOratory wanted to use sound art and technology to give individuals the opportunity to share their hopes, dreams, anxieties, and aspirations. At MEGAPOLIS, the voices of people from different places and of different ages answering the question “How are you, truthfully?” was transmitted through hundreds of piezo speakers using wooden poles as a medium for the sound. The installation used the guiding metaphors of “home” and “borders” to form a community of voices in a unique aural experience.

A recording of the piece with introductions by Jucan, Ngo, and Lester:

Recording: Maria Papadomanolaki for free109point9