graphic ships

Photo Credit: CultureHub

Graphic Ships to Sonic Shores – Jesse Ricke + Lisa Lee

A creative means for a mediated journey, built from interactions between audience and performer, to achieve a synchronous audio expedition via an interactive visual vehicle. Artists performed from locations throughout the Europe for an audience at CultureHub in New York, improvising off an ever changing graphic score generated by the presence of audience members. The audience were free to move about the venue, their positions and movements interpreted as phrases for the score displayed as a 245 square foot projection. Artists included Andre D. of France, Hervé Perez of the UK, Frank Wilke of Germany,Tommaso Cavallini of Italy, and Vasco Moraes of Portugal.

Live at CultureHub, 20 Apr 2013

Jesse Ricke is a media practitioner working in video, audio, and music, with an expertise in venue operation and event documentation. Lisa Lee is an interaction designer and multimedia artist.