Philadelphia City Guide

Philly. It’s where everyone who’s worth a cool is going to be soon, particularly during MEGAPOLIS 16-17 Sep 2017, just northeast of Center City.

Registration / Buying your Tickets

  • Before Saturday the 16th, online through our Ticketing page
  • Saturday and Sunday (10a-5p), go directly to festival venues (see Schedule for all that) or hit FringeArts / Megapolis HQ (red pin, below) for comprehensive info.

Venue Map

(View a bigger map complete with venue info)

Venues by Address

  • FringeArts / Megapolis HQ (140 N Columbus Blvd) – red pin
  • PhillyCam (699 Ranstead St.) – black pin
  • Philadelphia Community College (1700 Spring Garden St.) – purple pin
  • WHYY (150 N 6th) – green pin
  • Johnny Brenda’s (1201 Frankford Ave) – yellow pin
  • United By Blue (144 N 2nd) – blue pin

Getting There and Around

Why recreate when you can swipe – here’s a handy post from DailyKos for getting around Philly during the 2016 DNC convention. The Septa is easy, cabs are plentiful, Uber/Lyft/whatever exist. For Septa note that most our venues are near the Market Frankford line of the Septa, save for the Community College (off the Broad Street line at Spring Garden station).

Everything is walkable if you can muster the will, but please keep in mind: stay alert in some areas around festival venues, particularly at night. Walk in groups if you can, and ask a helpful Megafest volunteer or organizer at the registration desk if you’d like some pointers.

Places to Sleep

Is it even cool to suggest this? But it’s better than a stoopid hotel. Speaking of …

If you have money to burn, go to richy rich hotels and get that private spa and minibar and valet service for your Maserati. Then invite us over to spray champagne on the walls because you have to.

If yer solo and don’t know a soul OR want to spend a penny on lodging, Megapolis Festival thinks you should be finding some couch using the highly free Do people still use this site? We dunno, but are you willing to pass on the chance you’ll stay with some random awesome people who may even like audio art as much as your twisted self? Think not.

What To Bring (so you don’t look silly)

Yourself. Other people. Your wallet. Some snacks. Stickers. Fishing wire. Various pinwheels.

SRSLY tho, you should bring all of the above plus:

  • Some moneys. No meals are included in the ticket price. We’d love to provide you with that if our wallets were deep, but alas. We’ll also have merch for you soze you can relieve yourself of those unwanted coins.
  • Your ‘gear’. Some workshops actually require you to be prepared with recording gear, laptops, instruments, etc. Read the workshop descriptions with a keen eye to determine what you need. If you’re not sure, Contact us.
  • Audio/video/photo recorders, even if you aren’t attending one of the above workshops, if you want to help us document all the crazee things going on. We’ll happily link to your efforts from our website after the fest.
  • Appropriate clothings. Some events are outside in rain/sun. We also can’t predict how cold or warm it will be inside festival venues. PLANIT.


We humans require food to live (don’t listen to those tricky breatharians) and luckily Philly carries most items you’ve requested on your food bucket list. Since most of our venues are near Chinatown, you know what to do. We will most likely have some menus scattered around our festival HQ at the Fringe building.