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Monday, October 26th, 2009

Part sound art, part peudo-S&M performance, part wholly-practical haircut, NYC-based artist Nelson hog-ties volunteers and gives them very noisy (and competently-executed) haircuts:

Going to Arizona

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Plans to head to Arizona in 2010? Definitely make a pit-stop at this place. This is the The World’s First Global Musical Instrument Museum. They are set to have over 5,000 instruments gathered from all over the world… which is pretty freakin awesome. All sorts of world drums and noise makers to be seen. High quality audio and video recording services are available to keep records of performances held in the 320-seat auditorium. Nice!

From the DownLoWHAT

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Yes, I’ve arisen from the plunging deep within the deeply deep depths of Centroamerica with … (hold it, HOLD IT) -

man squeeze thru racket

- not much to say. An empty knapsack lying on a dirt road in rural Nicaragua, riddled with mosquitos and filled with empty plastic sacks that once held refreshing fruit drinks. And you, riding a broken bicycle and carrying a cake that says ‘ GABY’. That’s you craving a flurry of fascinating diatribes regarding the most challenging issues of this day and time, followed by mostly appropriate non-sequiturs and sprinkled lovingly with deftly placed, witty-to-throughtful digressions.

Yumbo.And that’s what you deserve, and I’m here to climb the mountaintop with bugle-shaped laptop and megaphone-powered keyboard in hand to pronounce, ‘Sadly, you’ll get nothing of the sort!’ Yeah, I know, whatta load. But you know what they say, if you can’t disappoint yourself you might as well disappoint everyone else you’ve ever met and many whom you haven’t.

So, one might now say, ‘whatcha got’? Welly well I got some ‘ripe’ beef about field recording festivals cross the Atlantics, even nearby where the MEGAfest 2009 threw it down, and happ’nin’ now, true ->

-> then I’ll slap down one-ah those tenderlove this-and-whatevers about this here sound map commemorating the fall of the Berlin wall (FIELDRECORDISTS UNITE – it looks like you can still contribute) that is part of a bangup Netaudio festival in Berlin occurring as we speak ->>

->> after which I’ll climb the top rope for a triple-flip faceplant elbowknee ‘whack-a-mole’ crack’n’smackdown, AKA a mishmashed collaboratively musical thing powered by YouTube that may or may not work cuz my Internet is worm-slow.

Who got the beef now? BEEF I SAY WHO MAKES ME BEEF? Love ya see ya soon XXOXOXOXXox0010101