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NYC 2013

(Check the archives for the 2009 MEGAPOLIS Festival in Boston and the 2010 MEGAPOLIS Festival in Baltimore)

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ExiTrip: Hacking the iTrip + The Cheapest Way Too … – Ed Bear
Free Music Archive Remix Challenge – Andrea Silenzi
Handheld Recorder Ensemble – Byron Westbrook
Jazz Drum Machine – Ben Lacker
Sounds Real: Telling Stories with Sounds – Kaitlin Prest + Brendan Baker
Urban Menagerie (or, A Zoo Without Walls) – Robin Amer


Blade Runner: Final Final Cut Pro MEGA Cut – Chris Collins
Experimental Noise Karaoke – Gambletron
Graphic Ships to Sonic Shores – Jesse Ricke and Lisa Lee
Live Footage
Manipulated Tape – Patrick Carey
Salvage – Anis Haron
Spirograph Agnew
Touchscreen – Jeff Kolar
Treasures of The Jonesonian – Alex Gallafent
whiteout. [new york] – Jason Sloan


Call Your Sequencer – Tony Lim
ECO(SOUND)SYSTEM – Peter McQuillan
Echoes of Footprints – John Capogna and Louise Foo
MeatRAVE – Britt Wray + Chris Wood
Noisemakers – Matthew Matthew
radio silence – Mickey Capper
Speaking of Birds and Boundaries – Annie Berman
The Hard Drive – MEGAPOLIS NYC Staff / Hethre Contant
The Idea of Space – Liz Bustamante


Do It Yourself Success: Plan your Dream Project – Eleanor Whitney
Improvisation Workshop – Mike Bullock
Music, Machines and Meaning – Andy Cavatorta
Radio Producer as Flâneur – Sam Greenspan (99% Invisible) (with support from
Rawllege Craydio – Avery Trufelman, Grace McCreight + Chelsea Stokes
Sounding Place, Placing Sound – The Sonic Ethnography Workshop
The Urban Ear of Tony Schwartz – David Suisman
The Way Things Travel – John Roach + Aaron Moore
Visualizing Hertzian Space – Brett Ian Balogh


And Then… – Katherine Gorman
Footfollow – Brian House
Localore Producers
Re-Wired – Amelia Marzec


Acommunication – Jean-Michel Rolland
Ashes – John Kreitzberg
Chiayi Symphony – Stefano Giannotti
Hidden Sound – Julien Clancy
I, Tourist, NY – Angelica Piedrahita
The Tower of Now – Daniel Jenatsch
Zepelim: Plant Consciousness & Communication – Carlo António Ribeiro Patrão


A Bicycle Built for Three – David Weinberg
Good Vibrations – Johann Diedrick and Christie Leece
Passing Stranger – Pejk Malinovski

Sponsors and Partners

The 2013 MEGAPOLIS Festival was made possible in part with public funds from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. The Festival also has been made possible by The New School, including their Media Studies department and Eugene Lang College.


With more support from these fine folks:


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