Justin Grotelueschen
, Co-Founder and Managing Director (2009-)


Nick van der Kolk
, Co-Founder and Artistic Director (2009-2015)

Shani Aviram, Programming Director (2015-2017)

… PLUS each festival was organized by a uniquely extraordinary team. Here you see listed many of the finest people alive:

MF.04 (2015) – Oakland+SF

Sam Greenspan, Lina Misitzis, Shani AviramBryan Day, Ashleyanne Krigbaum, Avery Trufelman, Natalie Jones, Eliza Smith, Ana Adlerstein, Claire Mullen, with additional support from those spectacular people at the bottom of the event archive page

MF.03 (2013) – NYC

Jim Briggs, Hethre ContantMyroslaw Bytz, Cambra Moniz-Edwards, Gina Grotelueschen, with additional support from those at the bottom of the archive page

MF.02 (2010) – Baltimore

Katherine Gorman, Claire Caplan, Andrea Silenzi, Gina Grotelueschen, with support from those at the bottom of the archive page

MF.01 (2009) – Cambridge+Boston

Check the bottom of this here archive page

We also were blessededed with many keen volunteers on hand to make all of our festivals what they were – they were and are thanked profusely. You can’t contact any of them but you wish you could. Check the bottom of each archive page for other other-worldly ppl who made past fests possible.