2017 MEGAPOLIS Philadelphia

2017 MGPLS Philadelphia: The Beast Comes Back EAST!

Hear ye hear ye, people smaller and taller, boon companion younger and older – marketh your calendars! The 5th MEGAPOLIS Audio Festival comes on the scene 16-17 September, 2017, in Philadelphia PA USA.

While winter doldrums have dulled our keenness, fatigue from the news cycle threatening to reduce us to near-constant lament, we need to be reminded that the fever of doom and/or gloom is fleeting and, in short, mighty boring. With March comes springy ideas, and here’s the springingest: MegapolisFestival will once again pervade the cozy confines of the BosWash megalopolis, this time with the smackdown in Philly.

What is salient at this juncture:

  • Want to be an artist in our fest? We want to showcase your nonpareil ideas – our submission form is coming soon.
  • Want to be a sponsor? Have in-kind donations – product giveaway, food? Ping us now and we’ll make it happen.

For now that is all. Spread the news to all in your purview. Contact us with your Qs, ideas, or tasty tasty recipes.